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What We Do

Our Services

Product Launching and Product Testing

Looking to launch a new product or get visibility for your current one? We'll help you reach your target customers.

Micro-Influencers and Brand Awareness Program

Want more visibility for your Brand? Dominate your niche and get people talking about your products by using our social media exclusive program.

Professional Amazon Product Listing

Your listing is not converting? Our experts will analyze and create a professional listing to improve your conversions.

What We Do

Product Launching and Product Testing

Looking for the best strategy to get visibility for your product?

We are using a unique marketing strategy to increase your sales!

Either we are talking about a newly launched product or an old listing that needs a re-launching process, we have found a way to drive traffic from Social Media, via ads, by targeting the real end-users of your product.

What we do is strategic, smart and helpful to your business. We create an ad for your product and we target your exact niche, we find product testers that will really use your product. With us, you can reach your audience more effectively.

Don't let anything stop you getting the Best Seller badge!

Product testing is a great way to generate product visibility. Once the campaign is over, you'll be able to see how customers react to your product.

They'll respond to queries about their customer experience of your product which will give you ideas of how to improve it.

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What We Do

Micro-Influencers and Brand Awareness Program

Need to Build Brand Awareness?

Our Micro-Influencers Program will increase your Brand visibility!

The premise is simple: Find someone with an audience who’s willing to share the love about your product.

We'll search for Social Media influencers in your exact niche and we'll engage them into testing and spreading the word about your product. The micro-influencers will write a post on their social media profile highlighting your product and sharing their thoughts about your brand.

There are a lot of similarities to celebrity endorsements and to word-of-mouth marketing. Just like with those strategies, influencer marketing aims to make a brand more relatable and trustworthy in the market, especially with younger demographics. In fact, studies show that 70% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers in buying decisions.

The latest data shows that micro-influencers, influencers with 10,000 or fewer followers, are getting the best results for brands and businesses. More engagement, more clicks, and more sales.

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What we do

Amazon Product Listing Creation

Want to have a listing that sells?

Professional copywriting and Amazon Listing SEO is the key!

Always up to date with the latest Amazon listing requirements and focusing on sales and results, our native SEO team has helped hundreds of sellers all over the world to dominate their niche and increase their sales.

Let's face it, competition on Amazon is tough. But there’s a surefire way to stack the odds in your favor from day one, and that’s by having a listing that ranks well by incorporating keywords so naturally, customers don’t even know they’re there!

Listings include:
- SEO Listing - ensure your listing is maximizing Amazon's algorithm to rank you higher in search;
- SEO Title - based on keyword research, search volume & relevance;
- 5 Bullet Points - based on your products top benefits;
- Product Description – easy to read benefit list, testimonials (if available), and call to action;
- Focus Keywords - targeted keywords will be highlighted on the result listing.

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How We Will Work

Our Work Process

Identify your needs

We'll analize your listing and your competitors, select the best keywords to target, and define a strategy that suits you.

Start testing campaign

We'll start your personalized campaign, find your product testers and handle the entire campaign on your behalf.

Enjoy a cup of coffee

Once the campaign is running, you'll have access to monitor the entire status. Just sit and relax while we'll doing the heavy lifting for you.

Watch your product get more exposure

When the campaign ends you'll have access to a detailed report to measure the results and decide further actions.

Our product testing strategy is based on a very good market research. We are using Helium10's Cerebro to do that.
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