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Walmart's Marketplace is rapidly becoming a top online sales platform. Crafting a successful Walmart marketing strategy can be challenging without marketplace familiarity.

Sellers are increasingly recognizing the advantages of selling on Walmart due to its extensive market presence, robust reputation, and comprehensive infrastructure.

Here's what we can do for you

We have developed services that hit straight on any Seller needs, who wants to grow his business and take it to the next level

Product Testing Campaign

Get customer data by running a Product Testing Campaign for your product. You can define a set of questions you’d like your end-customers to respond to, or we can use our default ones. The outcome of this campaign is outstanding!

Professional Walmart Product Listing Creation

Get a professional keyword research, mixed with an expert copywriting, delivered as your most convincing Walmart product listing. This supercharged SEO listing will keep clients coming back for more!

User-Generated Content for Your Brand

Authentic photos and videos are the key to convincing your next customer to place an order. Using emotions as trigger-points in your selling process is now simpler than ever. Augment your listing with authenticity by using real people creating photos and videos with your product in action. You can reuse them in your listing, with your PPC, and other advertising campaigns. We get in contact with your end-customer and get the most authentic photos/videos for your product.

Social Media Posts

Walmart loves external traffic and usually Walmart buyers also have Facebook and/or Instagram accounts. Why not display your products where your end-customer spends time: on social media? We will provide engaging social media posts, including visually-appealing photos and catchy captions, to help increase your social media engagement and reach.

VIP Micro-Influencers Program

We'll combine the Social Media Management service with engaging relevant micro-influencer profiles to talk about your product and spread the word about it (by receiving one free item). You'll get even more exposure for your brand on social media. We'll take care of your Social Media for you.


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