The Micro-Influencers Program

Micro Influencers Program The Micro-Influencers Program includes:
- hashtags research.
- 20 edited posts every month on your Instagram profile;
- contact up to 100 potential micro-influencers within your niche;
- 4 micro-influencers posts tagging/featuring your product;
- weekly activity report;
- set up your #BrandName hashtags for your Social Media presence;

Service price: $500 per Month

Within the Micro-Influencers Program on Instagram we contact people with profiles with 1000+ followers, matching some strategic criteria and asking them to sign in to our micro-influencers program. The people contacted during this campaign are not Professional Influencers that are paid in order to promote all kind of products and they are not members in Professional Influencer Services.

The strategy is to get in contact with Role-Models for a certain micro-niche with potential influence in their family and followers group. We ask them to participate in the campaign by posting themselves testing a certain product on their Instagram profile while tagging a set of indicated hashtags. The target is to reach the people passionate about a certain niche with enough potential to create an online presence on social media for a certain brand and to drive-in external traffic from Instagram.

We’ve been testing this strategy for more than a year with some Amazon Sellers and the results were really beyond expectations. The entire strategy is based on targeting one main factor that influences the consumer behavior - the Social Factor (reference groups, family, friends, roles and status). The reference group influences buyer behavior. A buyer will be willing to pay for a product when he sees that more and more people within his group are testing it and recommending it on Instagram.

Instagram Results

Here are the main advantages of the Micro-Influencers Program:
🗸 It creates brand-awareness by encouraging users to share a branded hashtag;
🗸 You get authentic photo/video content and the permission to share and reuse it further on your marketing campaigns;
🗸 You get traffic from Instagram;
🗸 Organic buys will follow within this process;
🗸 Social Followers - A growth in your social media proof by increasing organically the number of followers on Instagram;
🗸 Social Impressions – Increased visibility for your social media posts;
🗸 Social Engagement – Increased Engagement with your social posts. Sharing, commenting, and liking are considered the strongest form of currency on social media;
🗸 Helps to dominate specific hashtags and also empowers your #BRANDNAME hashtag;

Social Proof

As any other brand awareness campaigns, this Micro-Influencers Program needs to run continually to retain and grow market share.

The lead conversions and the external traffic will start when the target market will become familiar with a certain brand. We usually recommend this kind of program to sellers with more than a product launched (in the same niche) and ready to sustain the costs of this service for at least a couple of months.

Disclaimer! After trying this service on multiple brands from different niches and observing the results, we’d like to mention that in order to get the best results we suggest this program to Micro-Niche Sellers, not to commonly-used products. For example a baby product, or for a specific sport (e.g. Yoga), or something used in a specific area of the kitchen, will have increased results than some cleaning products, household items. If your product is useful for passionate people in a certain domain, we’ll surely contact them and we’ll make them feature it on their Instagram.

Build Your Brand

As an example, with the permission of the seller we can present here the results for ‘’a bread lame’’. We started from scratch this Instagram profile and we would have loved to continue but due to some business-related issues the seller decided to close the entire business.

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