GTIN Exemption Process on Amazon – Step by Step Guide


What is GTIN?

GTIN stands for Global Trade Identification Number which is also known as product ID. The GTIN number is a unique number to identify each and every product that is sold on the Amazon platform. GTIN is the product id (label) which can be found on product cover or packaging in form of a barcode label.

GTIN or Product ID –

Product Identification Number or GTIN numbers are used internationally according to Industry Standard.

Several different kind of Product ids –

  • EAN – European Authentication Number (13 digits)
  • ISBN – International Standard Book Number (10 or 13 digits)
  • UPC – Universal Product Code (14 digits)
  • JAN – Japanese Article Number (14 digits)
  • GTIN – Global Trade Identification Number (14 digits)

How to apply for GTIN exemption?

In this article we will present in detail how you can apply for GTIN exemption, step by step, if you are a seller on Amazon.

After registering your account on Amazon every seller has to follow this process for their product listing. So when your product doesn’t have UPC, EAN, ISBN or UPC code, you can apply for GTIN exemption under a particular category. But before you do that, there are things you need to check first.

  1. Check your product in Amazon Catalogue, if the product already exists in Amazon. Just click on add your offer on the existing detail page without GTIN and list the product. After 5 minutes, the product can be seen under manage inventory tab on Seller Dashboard.
  2. If your product is not available on Amazon or if you are trying to list a new product in Amazon Catalogue, then go ahead and request the GTIN exemption Process. i.e. – Private label products.

So basically Amazon accepts products listings in form of GTIN Exemption and sellers will not need to add UPC, EAN, ISBN codes.

GTIN Exemption Requirements

Before applying for GTIN exemption application, make sure you have below information ready.

  • If you are the brand owner, manufacturer, or publisher: Product name (title of the product) and a minimum of two (up to nine) images of the product on white background captured from different angle with product packing.
  • If you’re not a brand owner.
    In such cases a letter from the brand owner, manufacturer, or publisher which is readable and clear (in English or the marketplace’s local language) containing the following information:
    1. Name and contact information of the person who has written/issued the letter.
    2. A statement that the brand does not provide a GTIN and the reason why.
    3. Your physical address, phone number, and email address or website address.

Once you have support letter or product images, follow the steps for GTIN exemption process…

First login to your Seller Central Account.

On the right side write “GTIN Exemption” in help search bar. Click on Exemption Application Page, click on select button and provide relevant category of your product and in next column write name of the Brand. For unbranded products write “Generic” as brand name. You can take multiple GTIN exemptions for particular brands or category.

Once you’re done with choosing the category and name of the brand – next step is you need to click on “check for eligibility”.

Click the Check for eligibility button. A new page with summary will appear. A green mark as approved will appear in the Status.

The next step will be you need to click on submit proof.

If you have support letter from brand manufacturer click on “yes” and if you don’t have letter click “No” and provide the Title of the product and images. Once done click on Submit Request.

Amazon Support Team will send you an email regarding GTIN approval in 24-48 hrs. You can also view it in case log. In most of the cases we have seen the approval gets within 15-30 minutes. Once you get the approval you can start adding your product.