Amazon Adding Ratings to Augment the Review System


Amazon has enlarged it’s horizon in regards to product reviews by allowing the shoppers to submit a star rating without a written review. Now a listing holds both feedback from customers who only submit a product rating, along with the traditional reviews with text, images, or video.

Ratings and Reviews

⌚ As an example, the Apple Watch Series 5 currently has 732 customer reviews but 2,002 customer ratings. So 1,270 additional ratings were left without a written review since the change went into effect less than four months ago.

✏️ This measure comes as an encouragement for shoppers to leave their opinion in a single click without the old mandatory fields (review title and written review). The old review system seems obsolete and makes room for an improved strategy that gives the shoppers a straight-forward way to share their opinions in a second.

📈 With this new rating system, the Apple Watch Series 5, from the above example, managed to triple their rating since October 2019 by breaching the 2,000 ratings milestone in just four months.

📊 The product rating system is 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best. This new system allows ratings to be submitted even without a previous purchase but only those ratings from verified purchases will contribute to the product’s overall star rating. The customers can always return and add a written review later on.

👫 🛒 Usually, shoppers are guided by the star ratings of a product. A product without reviews is considered unverified and will always lose in front of products with a big number of reviews. This aspect is always a challenge for any Seller who wants to consolidate their position. In regards to this, there are many strategies and Agencies helping the Brands build equity on Amazon.

🌈 With this new system, Amazon will considerably increase the number of ratings on a product and the issue of ‘fake reviews’ will continue to be a problem that might get even worse. The bad part for the shoppers will be to identify the trusted reviews and to guess what a star rating without a review means. The good part will be on the Brands side since they will now be able to gain more ratings and improve their credibility.

⭐ The challenge will be on the Brands side to maintain a balance between both written reviews and ratings and to differentiate themselves on the market. This new system will allow all brands to get a big number of ratings and the difference will be made by the quality of the written reviews.

After years of expertise in the customer-feedback area, a trick we can share with you is to also target 4-star reviews melted among 5-star reviews. The reason behind it is the ‘trust’ of the shoppers, after the review-scandals throughout the years. Your customers will read and pay more attention to the details presented in a 4-star review, rather than 5-star reviews.

⛔ Keep in mind that review groups are currently a big risk and will backfire at a certain point in the future.