2019 – Q4 Launching and Ranking Campaign for FBA Product


Hello Happy Sellers! 🙌

Here’s a ranking campaign on an already established product, in a semi-competitive niche, for one of our current clients.


We’ve followed the Helium10 CPR formula, but added an extra 20% to the total number of sales, to be sure we’re on the right track. 😁

The client wanted a Super-URL approach (even tho SFB was recommended by us). 🤙
We’ve added a personal touch to our clients’ Super-URL to make it more appealing to Amazon. 😎 (all our clients get this)
We’ve spread the total amount of sales over a 14 days period, initially, but we had to extend the campaign because the niche (and Q4) was very unstable and the competition outran us for a small period of time. 😅

The client knew what he was after and we also knew what to so, eventually, on Dec 4th, he was on position #1 and rocking that keyword. 💪

We’re really happy when this happens and our clients’ satisfaction is our main concern! 🙌

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